The Singing Pactice

 The importance of vocal health


Sarah is a great teacher! She super understanding and patient. Her help is so important for my singing. I feel like I have improved a lot recently because Sarah is so persistent, trying different techniques and ideas to help me get better at singing.
Her help is most valuable!
— Beatriz Mendes

I went to Sarah for lesson in order to improve my technique and I haven’t been disappointed. She is very good at explaining and demonstrating what to do, and an enormous help with singing in German and Italian. I always feel as though I’ve been worked hard and go away knowing what I have to practice for the next lesson. I also really like the ease of booking lessons through her website
— Laurette Evans
Sarah is such a dedicated teacher. I arrive to my lessons in a friendly atmosphere with lots of positive feedback given about my progress from each lesson as well as the most constructive feedback that has helped me not just to help my singing voice but my normal talking voice too. Having had so many posture problems causing me back pain, Sarah was excellent at teaching me how to stand properly which transformed my singing as well as advising me to visit as Osteopath that substantially helped me to fulfil my daily activities. I would recommend Sarah to anyone wanting to improve their singing in a supporting and extremely friendly environment.
— Vanessa White